4 simple ways to keep your home warm this winter

1. Add layers to windows and floors

Up to 40% of heating energy can be lost through windows . Once the sun goes down close your curtains or blinds to help keep the cold out and keep the heat in. 

Floors can account for up to 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated, so if you have bare floors, rug them up help to keep your home warm.

2. Seal up draughts 

Track down any draughts in your home, especially around doors and windows, and seal them up to stop the cold entering your home and to keep the heat in. 

3. Close the door

Close doors to rooms your not using in the house.  This will keep the warm air where you need it most and stop cold air moving from that room into the rest of the house.

4. Fire up the oven

Ever noticed how warm your kitchen is when the oven is on. If you have an open plan living and dining area, cooking with the oven is a great way to warm up your home.

Still need help keeping your home warm? A reverse cycle split system may be the solution. Contact us today to discuss the best option for you. 

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