5 signs its time to upgrade your switchboard

Often out of sight and out of mind, your switchboard is an easy thing to forget. But what does your switchboard do? An electric switchboard directs electricity from one or more supply sources to several electrical circuits. This allows for distribution to lights, powerpoints, stoves and hot water services.

Here are 5 signs its time to upgrade your switchboard:

  • Short circuiting – older switchboards can increase the risk of the fuses catching fire or causing cables to burn out.
  • Insufficient power supply – is your power tripping or lights flickering? These can be signs of an insufficient power supply. Many older switchboards were designed to supply a small number of appliances, such as a fridge, oven and washing machine. Therefore, they can struggle in homes using a number of electrical appliances and devices.
  • Rewireable fuses – replacement copper fuse wires can have the incorrect rating, which can lead to burnt cables, fire and damage to electrical devices.
  • No safety switch – a safety switch helps to greatly reduce the risk of electricity-related fires and injury and are now mandatory for every circuit in QLD.
  • Appearance – your switchboard looks rundown, damaged or overcrowded.

Are you concerned about your switchboard? Talk to a licensed electrician to find the right solution for your home.