Time To Spring Clean Your Air Conditioner

Spring is finally here! And now is a great time to spring clean your air conditioner, before the heat kicks in.

In the Moreton Bay Region, we tend not to use our air conditioner much over the cooler months. This can lead to all kinds of dirt and debris building up in, and on, your air conditioning units. Resulting in your air conditioner to not only struggle to keep you cool over the warmer months, but use more power – costing you more to run.

To get the most out of your air conditioner this spring and summer try the following tips:

Clean Or Change Your Filters

Depending on your air conditioning systems you will either have to cleaned your filter, changed your filter or do a combination of both. Check your air conditioner’s manual to see which applies to you.

Clear Away Debris

During the cooler months debris, such as leaves and pet hair can build up around your external air conditioning system. Clear this away during your spring clean to allow your air conditioning system to get enough airflow to be efficient.

Bring in an expert!

Not keen to take on an extra spring cleaning job?! Get in touch with a licensed air conditioning technician. An air conditioning technician won’t just ensure your filters and airflow are running efficiently, they will also:

  • Flush your air conditioner’s drain
  • Sanitise your air conditioner’s filters
  • Clean the outdoor unit’s coil
  • Check the pressure and levels in your refrigerant, and refill the gas if needed
  • Do a full diagnostic and health check on your air conditioner system to help avoid any nasty surprises over summer!

Contact us today if you would like a license air conditioning technician to get your air conditioning systems ready for the heat this summer.

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