Why service your air conditioner?

Like a car, your air conditioner needs regular servicing to

  • Help maintain your manufacturer’s warranty*
  • Ensure your unit is performing efficiency
  • Identify any potential issues
  • Increase your air conditioner’s longevity
  • Make sure your air conditioner is hygienic, so you and your family can breath clean air
Before a Maestro air conditioning service
After a Maestro air conditioning service

A major service can only be done by licenced air conditioning Technicians, such as Maestro Trade Services. Our air conditioning major services include:

  • a full strip down, clean and decontamination of the indoor unit, and
  • a complete check of the outdoor unit, including gas pressure, electrical connections, circuit boards, clean and rinse coil and removing any debris.

Do your air conditioners need a clean and service? Contact us today.

Smoke Alarm and Smoke

$10 Credit For Every Replacement Smoke Alarm


Keep your family and home safe 

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